Sunday, 13 April 2008

Meeting with Connor has been the nicest thing that happened in my life.

Although we only had two intercourse, it has been totally orgasmic.

The first time I was inexperience and hence the 'outcome' wasn't that nice. It was rather 'dense' :(

Connor's just so muscular! I love his arms, the way he uses it.. Ahhh..~ Just makes me swoon! :D

Macho macam ni babe!

I heart you Connor! <3



Arms you say? Duh, if not how to knead??? -_-

Banana custard rolls

Saturday, 12 April 2008

The other day ee bought some custard chocolate buns home and we have been trying to imitate that buns.

But I thought it was a bit boring so I decided to change it a little-and banana custard bun was delivered :D


I din plan to put the chocolate chips at first but the middle one wanted chocolate buns so I decided to scatter it on top instead (:

This time I really let the buns double in size and the outcome was really worth it cause the buns were so, so soft!


The mistake I made was using unripe bananas- I thought they would melt in the oven, appears not! T_T

And I thought there wasn't enough banana flavor-artificial flavoring are so disappointing -_-

Still room for improvement! (:

Coffee Twist

Saturday, 5 April 2008


When I first saw this on the Japanese website, cookpad, I just had the itchyness and big big urge to do it. In fact a kind Japanese blogger helped me to translate what wheat flour meant!

But it was all in Japanese :(

So when Florence post how to make the chocolate wassant, I was overjoyed and decided to try the coffee version instead! :D


And hence my coffee twist family was born

coffee twist family