Difference between sponge and chiffon cake

Friday, 1 August 2008

I have always wondered what was the different between these cakes. Having failing in making these cakes several times, where the cake rose up nice and high in the oven and then decided to fall rapidly after leaving it, these little rascals made me even more adamant to reach a point where I can confidently be sure that my cake will turn up well.

As time pass, I saw several recipes which made me confused as there was many sponge and chiffon recipes, and some had oil and some did not. So with Google backed up, I decided to do some investigation and came to this website *click here*

Summary from the website:

Sponge cake: Basically water and oil/butter/fat free. Yolk and whites are beaten separately.

Genoise cake: Recipe similar to sponge cake except it calls for water and butter/oil/fat. Eggs are beaten as whole and over a water bath.

Chiffon cake: Calls for oil. Quote:

The dry ingredients are mixed together and then the oil, egg yolks, water and flavouring are beaten in. The egg whites are first beaten separately till stiff but not dry, and then folded into the batter. The batter is quite thin and is traditionally baked in a tube pan.

.... Egg white beaten till stiff and not dry??? Huh??? -_-

Angle food cake: Hmm, first time hearing this. Guess I'm pretty sua ku, haha. Basically chiffon cake with no fat. BUT contains the highest amount of sugar amongst these cakes.

I think I'm sticking to sponge and chiffon cake in the end :D


Katie Foong said...

I am particularly interested in you Kompian recipe. Can share?

Anonymous said...

angel food cake contains only the egg whites which are beaten seperately. Egg yolks are not included in the batter.